Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that our customers ask us. Check out our responses and contact us with any further questions.


We will wash everything vertically from the roof lines and outside of the gutters down, removing all mold, mildew, dirt, and debris. We will not touch your house with a high pressure washer. Instead of pressure we use a proprietary blend of soaps and detergents to aid in the removal of those stains rather than just relying on the pressure. Next we will hand scrub the outside of your gutters to try and return them to as close to the original color as possible. Finally we rinse the entire home from top to bottom for a finished look.
Power wash the entire wood deck to remove as much existing material as possible. Washing to be done with special chemical and the least amount of pressure possible so that we will not damage the wood. Apply special deck brightener/neutralizer to bring wood back to new-like look. Apply one coat (2 COATS ON ALL HORIZONTAL SURFACES) by mixture of either hand brush, or spray and back brush, CWF-UV5. This application comes with a 2 YEAR FULL WARRANTY!!!
Apply a heavy dose of chlorine based chemical (by low pressure sprayer) with 3 different soaps and detergents to kill ALL mold, mildew, black streaks, green algae and moss. Fury moss may take up to 60 days to be fully gone. This application is the SAFEST way to NOT damage any asphalt shingles.
PREP Concrete Areas with an application of pre-treatment cleaner/house wash. Hot water high pressure wash ALL concrete with the use flat surface cleaners. ONCE COMPLETELY DRY, apply 1 coat by Pump Sprayer of PROSOCO'S SALTGARD WB Clear Masonry Sealer. SALTGARD WB sealer will have no effect on the appearance of the concrete and last 8-10 years between applications. Periodic cleaning may be needed and will not affect the Saltgard WB.
PREP Concrete Areas with an application of pre-treatment cleaner/house wash. Hot water high pressure wash ALL concrete with the use flat surface cleaners. ONCE COMPLETELY DRY, apply 1-2 coats by Pump Sprayer/Roller application of Sherwin Williams H & C Clarishield for a WET LOOK.
Make sure ALL windows are shut and locked around area(s) being washed.

Trotta’s will need at least 1 water source turned on and available for our use. Trotta’s has the ability to bring in ALL water needed for an additional fee and MUST be discussed prior.

Move/removal (if possible) of ALL small items/hanging planters away from areas to be washed. Trotta’s can move these items, however we are not responsible for ANY damage to those items resulting from the removal/ washing process.

For DECK CLEANING projects, Trotta’s will move ALL heavy objects (grill, table, etc.) from deck, but will NOT always be available to put them back upon proper dry time. In addition

Trotta’s will NOT be responsible for any damage caused by the moving of these objects.
Trotta’s ALWAYS will call 1 day prior to schedule ALL washing. However, for staining/painting projects where weather can be an issue, this is not always possible.

Trotta’s will also give you a 2-3 hour window when our crew(s) will be there.

Upon choosing Trotta’s, we will give you an estimated time frame for when we will get the job done. Please keep in mind that our unpredictable weather could delay that time frame so we ask that you please be patient if this occurs.

Trotta’s WILL NOT BE responsible for the following items: outdoor electrical/GFI outlets, any water intrusion into house(windows, including fogging, doors, roof flashing, etc.) due to poor construction, ANY ROTTING WOOD, outdoor lights/fixtures, outdoor speakers, and ANY previously damaged screens/glass.

Trotta’s WILL BE responsible for the following items: any damage due to the washing process (highly unlikely but accidents do happen), any/ALL landscaping around the areas being washed, ALL permanent fixtures attached to your house.