The Trotta's Exterior Wood Care System

What is our wood care system: We begin the process by asking certain questions so that we may be able to determine what product was put on your exterior wood last. Once we determine this, we then decide which special Trotta's deck cleaner will be needed to strip the wood down to a new-like look. We apply the proper Trotta's stripper, allow to sit for the proper dwell time, then power wash all the wood using the minimum amount of pressure necessary. This ensure that we only remove dead wood fibers and old existing materials and/or oils, and not damaging the composition of the wood. Once the wood is stripped down, we then apply a neutralizer to ensure that any existing chemical will not affect the deck stain that we apply. These 2 vital steps are the most important steps in "The Trotta Exterior Wood Care System!"

So what's next? Staining/Sealing/Finishing your deck. Which deck stain is best for me? We use 3 different deck stains to finish ours decks. Our basic deck stain is the Flood Co. CWF-UV(5). This is a simple one coat (wet-on-wet coat, call for details) system. Expect this product to last 18-24 months on ALL horizontal surfaces (floor and top rail), and 3-5 years on ALL vertical surfaces (railing and lattice). Trotta's Power Washing gives a pro-rated 2 YEAR WARRANTY on this application (call for details). This product will not leave any sheen on your wood what so ever. It is a deep penetrating stain with as little or as much color as you, the customer wants.