About Us


At Trotta's Power Washing we strive to be the very best power washing service at the most affordable cost to the MOST important people in our organization: OUR CUSTOMERS.


At Trotta's Power Washing, whether we are washing your house, deck, gutters, brick, stone,residential or commercial, we only use the finest materials, safest cleaners, and most state of the art spraying equipment available to us on the market. We will wash whatever you need cleaned with minimum amounts of pressure so that we can safely remove deep stains without damaging the substrate being washed. Trotta's Power Washing, formerly Trotta's Cleaning Company has been washing across northeast Ohio for 10 plus years now.During those 10 years plus, we have established a few key relationships with some suppliers and commercial customers.These suppliers include: The Sherwin Williams Co., The Flood Co., and the Wolman/Zinsser Co.We are currently doing some warranty work for the Flood Co., and have done warranty work in the past for both The Sherwin Williams Co., and Wolman/Zinsser Co.Some commercial contractors around northeast Ohio that exclusively use us on their wash jobs include: Creative Painters, John Hornke Painting Co., Color Blast Painting, G and G Painting, D's Painting, Twin Lakes Painting, Wilcox Construction, and the list goes on from there. We use ONLY our experience and knowledge of the pressure washing industry, to serve all 5100 plus satisfied residential customers.With all that experience that leaves only one last question: What Would You Like Washed Today? Call now for your free estimate.

ABOUT THE President:

Justin S. Trotta started this business more than 10 years ago. Justin spent most of his time before that in the coatings field working inside sales at Sherwin Williams. While attending The University of Akron and working part time at Sherwin Williams, Justin started Trotta's Cleaning and Refinishing prior to receiving a bachelors degree in Accounting at the George W. Daverio School of Accountancy in Fall 1998. Just after graduation, Justin then decided to change the business name to Trotta's Cleaning Company.Trotta's then became a full service exterior cleaning company which included: power washing, deck refinishing, gutter cleaning, minor exterior painting, and interior/exterior window washing. A few years later Justin decided that pressure cleaning was the proper fit for Trotta's, so in 2001, the name was finally changed to the name that it is today, Trotta's Power Washing.