The "Trotta Soft Wash"

What is "The Trotta Soft Wash"?
Power wash ALL vinyl/aluminum/wood siding to remove ALL mold, mildew, dirt and debris.  This washing is done by a patented washing system which uses a high volume of a specially designed Trotta's siding cleaning mixture, coupled with LOW PRESSURE!  This guarantees that your siding comes out the absolute cleanest without the potential damage of traditional high pressure washing that most of our competitors are using.  This process is SAFE for ALL window seals and will not blow siding off of your house. We then add a wax additive to our rinse water to ensure that ALL of our siding cleaner is rinsed and that the windows come out as clean as possible. (please note that our "Trotta Wash" may need window washing after we are finished for a spot free, crystal clear look. The final step in "The Trotta Wash" is the whitening and/or brightening of ALL gutters. This ends our process and adds a beautiful finishing touch to our "Trotta Wash" service.

Why power wash your siding:  First of all, to keep your exterior of your house looking its very best.  After all, your home is a major investment. Secondly, clean your siding to avoid costly replacement.  Vinyl/aluminum/wood siding is extremely expensive to replace.  Routine cleaning could make your siding last up to 50% longer.  "The Trotta Wash" can also be used on painted/stained wood siding houses. Again, the simple, safe removal of mildew and other surface dirt and/or stains could extend your paint job for up to 50% longer.

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